Tube Terms of Use

Video portal of the TU Vienna


  1. General

    The video portal of the Vienna University of Technology (TUW) was purchased and is provided to enable users to publish media (video and audio files). A contract of use is concluded between the TUW and the user by the user's acceptance of the terms of use (placing an electronic tick) when logging in for the first time. As the portal operator, the TUW is entitled to unilaterally amend these terms of use at any time and reserves the right to do so. Please note that the Terms of Use are always valid in the current version.

  2. Purposes of publication

    Media may be published exclusively for the following (conclusively described) purposes:

    • a) Presentation of research projects and research results
    • b) Presentation of student work and results
    • c) Promotion of the activities of the TUW
    • d) Information for members of the university
    • e) Sharing digital content with other educational institutions
    • f) Support for the tasks and services of the university administration

    It is possible to make media accessible only to a restricted group of users or to publish media without restrictions.

  3. Use of the video portal

    • a) Login to the portal

      You can log in to the video portal with your personal upTUdate- account . Use is only possible for members of the TUW.

    • b) Users of the video portal are classified in the following authorisation groups :
      • TU Member: Students at TUW (with login) with read-only authorisation
      • TU Editor: TUW employees (with login) with upload authorisation. Editors can only upload to the internal publishing policy.
      • Members and editors are automatically assigned to the respective authorisation scheme based on their login information.
      • TU Publisher: Members of the TUW (with login) with publication and release authorisation.

        Users of this authorisation group can be defined via TUgroups. Furthermore, permissions for this group are only granted by a system administrator. Before granting this authorisation, it must be ensured that the authorised persons have the necessary knowledge to publish media.

      • TU category administrator: TUW members (with login) with administrator rights for a restricted area (category) of the platform.

        Category administrators are only assigned to this user group individually by Global Administrator _innen.

      • Global administrators: can edit all settings on the site and see and edit all content.
      • Anonymous: visitors without login
      • ACOnet Members: All members of the ACOnet Federation (with login) - (planned for a later phase)
  4. Publications from Media

    • a) Fundamental

      For uploading and managing media, membership in user group TU Editor or higher is required.

      "Own media" are media for which the user is the author or media for which the user demonstrably holds rights of use to an extent sufficient for the specific purpose of use. Under no circumstances may the use or uploading of these media violate legal regulations, such as the Data Protection Act or the EU Data Protection Regulation, or copyright law (including the "right to one's own image").

    • b) Members of the TU Editor are allowed to do the following:
      • Make your own media visible only to yourself (publication status "Private - the medium can only be viewed by yourself").
      • To publish own media in such a way that only members of TUW Vienna can consume these media.
      • Integrate your own media in coLAB, TU Wiki or the TYPO3 website
    • c) Members of TU Publisher are permitted to do the following:
      • All permissions of the TU Editors group
      • Release requests for automated transcription and other AI-based services.
      • Publish own media in such a way that anonymous visitors to the media portal can consume them, whereby a self-responsible deactivation of the publication status of the media from "Private" as well as the assignment to the Publishing Policy Global Content must take place.
      • Make own media or media to which the corresponding processing rights have been transferred publicly available (via link or also by assigning them to the Public Publishing Policy).
    • d) Administrators are additionally permitted to do the following:
      • Extension of access rights to media after request by editors and TU members or blocking of content.
  5. Copyright - Upload & Distribution

    • a) All content published on the TUW video portal is subject to copyright.
    • b) By uploading, every person who initiates an upload agrees that the medium concerned will appear on the video portal and can be consumed by other users. The uploading person is responsible for selecting the authorised group of users.
    • c) It is strictly forbidden to upload media to which the uploading person does not own the rights or has not been explicitly authorised (in writing) to do so by the author.
  6. Deleting media

    The deletion of media from the video portal must be carried out by the respective creator of the entry. After the deletion of a media entry by the creator, the medium is no longer available on the video portal. However, it is still possible to request a restoration of the medium for one month from the Admin istrator. After this period, deleted media will be permanently deleted from the server. There is also the possibility to define an expiration date at which the respective recording will be automatically deleted.

    Since the login to the video platform runs via the upTUdate SSO of the TU Vienna, the existence of access is subject to the condition that the respective user account is active in upTUdate. If a user leaves the TU Vienna, it is possible to request deletion of the account in accordance with the guidelines of the TU Vienna. If a user account that has uploaded videos is deleted, the media will be overwritten to a general service account. All rights of use of the media are hereby also transferred to TUWien. If a user does not want their media to continue to be used, they will ensure that their media is deleted in a timely manner. If media is to be overwritten to another user, this must be communicated to the system administrator via the Service Center via the Assyst Ticket in good time before the account deletion request. (Or can be done independently via the Grant Access feature). If the creator of a video is no longer active at TUW and therefore no longer has access to the portal, the videos will be kept or deleted at the discretion of TUW. Videos taken over from third parties will only be made available within the Edu-environment (TU Vienna or ACOnet).

  7. Rights and obligations of users

    Users may only use the video portal in accordance with these terms of use.

    The following obligations are imposed on them:

    • To comply with the terms and conditions of use at all times during their use of the video portal and to observe the limits of the permission to use.
    • refrain from actions that disrupt the proper operation of the application.
    • To use the portal exclusively with your own login data.
    • To protect national and international copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, name rights and labelling rights as well as other industrial property rights and personal rights of third parties when using the services.

    Strictly prohibited:

    • Passing on login data to others and the use of third-party login data.
    • Uploading or distributing content that violates legal provisions such as criminal law, data protection law, copyright law, trademark law, patent law, among others.
    • Uploading media to which the uploading person has no rights.
    • The distribution and commercial use of uploaded content.
    • The distribution of uploaded media that are only visible via a private link or only for logged-in users. Exception: With the explicit consent of the person uploading or the author.
  8. Notification process of allegedly illegal content

    If the IT Service Desk ( receives information that illegal content has been published on the video portal, the following procedure will be followed:

    • The media concerned will be blocked immediately by TUW until the situation has been finally clarified.
    • The person who published the medium shall be informed thereof. Within three days, the person is allowed to exchange the medium, delete it or make a statement from which the legal correctness of the use of the medium can be deduced.
    • The medium will no longer be displayed on the video portal until the matter has been finally clarified in a legally binding manner.
  9. User blocking

    TUW reserves the right to exclude users who violate these terms of use or laws from using the video portal at any time.

  10. Liability of the users

    Users shall be liable without limitation to the TUW and also to any legal or natural person ("third party") for any unlawful use of the video portal as well as for any damage incurred by the TUW or third parties due to violations of the law for which the user is responsible. The user shall indemnify the TUW against all claims if the TUW is held liable by a third party for damages, injunctive relief or in any other way due to abusive or illegal behaviour. The TUW will notify the user of the dispute if third parties take action against the TUW out of court or in court.

  11. Availability

    TUW endeavours to ensure that the availability of the video portal is as uninterrupted as possible. However, there is no entitlement to uninterrupted availability. In addition, TUW reserves the right to temporarily limit the availability of the portal to individual areas and functionalities or to suspend it entirely. This may be necessary in view of capacity limits, the security or integrity of the servers or in order to carry out technical measures as well as for the proper or improved provision of services (e.g. "updates" or "maintenance work"). The TUW endeavours to keep these periods as short as possible so that high availability of the online platform is ensured.

  12. Liability of the TUW

    • a) The TUW accepts no liability for the uninterrupted, permanent and error-free operation of the video portal. Should unauthorised access by third parties to confidential data or content occur and this is not the responsibility of the TUW, the TUW also accepts no liability for this.
    • b) The TUW provides the video portal exclusively as a technical operator and accepts no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness, up-to-dateness and legal conformity of uploaded content or media.
    • c) TUW's liability for slight negligence is - as far as legally permissible - excluded in its entirety.
    • d) In the event of intent or gross negligence, the liability of TUW shall be limited to typical damages foreseeable for a user relationship of the present type.
    • e) The TUW accepts no liability for the illegal sharing or distribution of uploaded media by users.
  13. Data protection

    Please note our privacy policy at www...

  14. Final provisions

    • a) Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use.
    • b) The law of the Republic of Austria shall apply exclusively to the exclusion of all conflict of law provisions.
    • c) The place of jurisdiction and performance is Vienna.

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